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Refreshing, Excellent App

I was looking for something that would sync with trakt. This app does that and so much more. It allows streaming episodes in addition to viewing trailers.


would've been great but your stupid adds ruin the whole app...sure you get anymovie for free but the apps glitch some of the movies during the middle of watching

Can’t watch anywhere

I thought you can watch anywhere and you can’t download

A little unhappy

The reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because their are some items in this app that can’t be viewed; the links in some of the movies & shows won’t appear which makes me angry, if something shows up to be watched but doesn’t give a link to view an item doesn’t show; then why is the item on the list it needs to be fixed. Anyone who downloads this app expects to be able to watch movies & shows with no problems, it’s just frustrating

Can you make it for Android

Hey I love the app and I was wondering if you could make it for Android because I am going to be switching so if you could get back to me I would appreciate it.

Air play

Needs an air play option or an Apple TV app.

Great App

I love this app very much the only thing that would make it better is adding the movie called “Hush Little Baby”, 2007, it is on the app but however every time I try to play it “Nightmare Nanny” plays in its place i’ve been trying to watch this movie since I was 8yrs and maybe add subtitles thank you !

Add casting

Please let me be able to cast the movies so I can watch them on the TV with my family

Almost perfect

This app is an amazing app by their is just minor changes that could make this perfect like is the stream button worked


Whenever I click on a movie or tv show the app crashes on my iPad it works fine on my phone though but it would be much better if it worked on my iPad because it makes it easier to navigate and it's more convenient. If this bug is fixed then this app would be great but it's almost completely unusable on my iPad.


Anime needs an English option everything else is pretty good

Checkout thehackspot on YouTube

Great app. it's easy to use and totally definitely 100 percent legal No pirated movies here😏😜 Thanks the jack spot. Edit: please add a download feature.

The best ...

It is the best Movie app on the App Store but if you could add a download section si we can download movies /tu shows to watch them offline. Thanks


The link won’t pop up please fix

Its a good app, but...

I think this app is good, but the fact that the movies & shows stop in the middle of playing really irritates me. Sometimes they won’t even play, so I’d have to exist the app, and hope that what I’m watching will continue playing with no interruptions. It would also be cool if it could be an offline app as well. But other than that the app is good.

Can barely watch sometimes

When I’m trying to watch a show it freezes about every 5-10 seconds sometimes. Everytime it does this I have to refresh the page.

Best app ever!

I watched so many movies with it!

better than netflix

this app is wonderful ! i tried to download selena on my computer the other night and it gave it a bunch of viruses so this was a huge help and it’s legit good, new, and old movies. only thing is that sometimes ads pop up but i’d still give it 5 stars anyways

I love it

But i cant find any captin america movies


Favorite movie app ever

Subtitles needed

We need subtitles on shows that are in different languages please.


I have a favorite show but the link wont show ANYMORE!!!

Stopped working

I've had this app for about a month now, and just recently it has been unable to load movies and TV shows. I would click on a show and then tap an episode but it would just display "loading" and eventually freeze up. Please fix!

Need improvement

Add subtitles Arabic

Just one thing

When I “watch” a movie, the choice pops up, but the loading takes 3 hours then the movie pops up. When the movie pops up, it’s 35% battery and I started at 100%

Messed up episodes

I love this app but the only thing is I want to watch 2018 lost in space and I can’t ‘cause episode 2 and above isn’t the 2018 episodes and also there in some series doesn’t have audio


Great app overall, but is there anyway to add subtitles for various languages?

Great app but here’s one thing

Thank u this app is awesome but it’s not really stable on the iPad 2 (Mid 2012) on IOS 9.3.5. Every time I click on the search button it crashes 🤔. P.S. It works well on the iPhone 6 and thank u for making this app :)

How to

How do you delete search history

Developer plz read

I overall think it is a good app just I can watch any movies.I try to log in the it tells me that a code should show up and it never did so I can’t watch anything

Fix it

I tried everything but the episodes doesn’t load not even at the lowest quality please fix it

Movie diary

Best movie app ever from the App Store

needs to fix

i was trying to watch deadpool 2 when i noticed there were these subtitles throughout the whole entire movie. then i tried a different link, but had the same problem. then i kept on trying the links and none of seemed to be working. i was loving this app until this happened. maybe this is only happening to me, but it is really annoying. please fix this if you see it. thanks.


Pls change the icon

right episodes

can you guys put the right episodes for thundermans please?

You guys make it so easy to get the movies and shows we want

A few that things I would add to this app is auto play just when you on your favorite tv show it would be really nice to go form episode to episode instead of when you finish you show exit back out then you back into the show and then waiting for it to load again it’s just a hassle and one last thing could you guys fix the little check mark when you finish a show off your app you show have the check mark already highlighted so I know the next episode. The ads on this application kills your rating most of the apps don’t have that little x so you can watch the next episode of you show so you have to close out the app and come back in which mass a big hassleThank you

Great app

This is a great app but i think they should add downloads to it to improve the quality and portability.

Great app

I love everything about this app You guys are the best

Needs a little improvement

Good app for finding trailer and information on movies . Much better watchlist than IMDb. Need subtitles. and the ability to rewind and fast forward 10 sec by tapping right or left of the video like YouTube does. It would be nice if the app showed movies sorted released by date in theater and coming soon.

How do u log in

How do u log in

Tv Shows .

This Is A Great App , But When I Try To Watch A Tv Show Such As “The Bad Girls Club” It Just Loads And Loads And Load. If You Guys Could Fix This I Will Give A 5 Star Rating , But Until Then It Will Have To Remain At 3 .

Good at serches

But Not links for most stuff found or even seasons some episodes yes most no links even on stuff thats popular let down please fix

Keeps crashing

It keeps crashing clicking off😡


So I had to use bobby movie to get free movies a few months back, but I watched a YouTube video (The Hack Spot) about this app. I didn’t think it was real at first, so I signed in and made an account, and I could watch any movie I was wishing to watch. I tested this with sponge out of water, 1080p and worked perfectly! People say you can only watch trailers, but they aren’t signed in. Keep up the good work!

Good app

I love this app watching the movies for free without going to movies or risky sites overall great app and I would recommend this to friends

Love it but

I love this app on my phone but I got it on my iPad 3 and it keeps crashing when I click anything

Dark mode

Love it so far but wish it had a dark mode for night time use

Best movie App!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This app is awesome


This is a very good app. I’m truly grateful that I can now watch any free movie and T.V show and it’s grate how this app wont get revoked and it’s from the App Store. 5 stars for sure!!!

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